Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Tote Bag

We love our teacher!  My girls have the same teacher because she teaches grades 1-3.  I figured out that she'll be our teacher for 5 years! Because she got our older daughter in 1st grade, both this year and has 2 more years with our youngest.  Very cool!

For teacher appreciation day, I made this Cat in the Hat tote bag for her and filled it with classroom supplies. I haven't heard from her about it, but the kids said she loved it.  I know totes of all kinds are handy for teachers, so I'm sure she'll find a use for it even if she has a bunch of other totes already. Can never have too many totes!

I made it with Cat in the Hat fabric and polka dot fabric for the lining.  I added a pocket on it and I embroidered her name above the pocket.

To embroider her name, I first wrote it in Microsoft Word, then turned it into a graphic. Then I threw the graphic into a free demo version of Sew Art which turned the graphic into an embroidery file.  I put it on a usb stick and put that into my embroidery machine.


  1. ok, if I'm not going to get a Dr. Seuss dress for my reunion, how about a tote with my name on it? Doesn't necessarily have to be Cat in the Hat, but something Dr. Seussy. Are they strong enough to carry a bunch of groceries such as boxes of cereal, crackers, etc and canned vegetables and 1/2 gallon jugs of juice? I could use it on the Sr bus for our Cody trips for groceries. Is the bottom wide enough to put a piece of cardboard in it to keep the stuff level?